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Cooling System


The Range Rover Classic cooling system is a standard water-cooled type


This is of lead-soldered brass construction, with the tubes running horizontally between two tanks (hot on the left, cold on the right side of the vehicle).

The movement of the engine under load (in the opposite direction to rotation of the crankshaft) applies a twisting motion to the radiator via the hoses causing it to "lozenge", which in turn can often lead to failure of the lead-soldered joints. My radiator has required one repair and one re-build for this reason.

Beware, there are different radiators for vehicles with and without air conditioning. My car was fitted with aircon but I suspect it had the wrong radiator as it was prone to overheating when towing. A replacement radiator rebuilt to the aircon specification has cured the problem.


This is a standard "waxstat" type, mounted in the inlet manifold waterway, under the fitting to which the radiator top hose is attached. The thermostat can fail, as mine did. In the picture you can see the scuff marks on the copper part, where it was sticking


When tested, by boiling it up in a saucepan of water, it began to open at the correct temperature of 88 deg C, but because of the sticking it didn't open fully until 100 deg C.

(you can also see that the white plastic jiggle-pin has turned green after 21 years immersion in Unipart antifreeze, which contains fluorescein!)

Loss of coolant

This may be a symptom of head gasket failure.

Other causes may include:-

weak pressure spring in radiator cap
leaking radiator or hoses
water pump failure

The Rover V8 engine, particularly in it's larger capacity variants as used in the P38A, is prone to cracking of the block and loosening of the cylinder lining. It has been suggested that this is due to the fuel mapping, designed for economy and emissions, giving too weak a mixture at low revs with full throttle, leading to overheating.

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