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Manual Gearbox


My Range Rover has an LT77 five speed manual gearbox. The name derives from the distance between the centres of the input shaft and the lay shaft.

The R380 five speed gearbox is an evolutionary development of the LT77. Its name derives from its design limit of 380nm maximum torque. It is a very robust unit and is fitted to many other vehicles, including cars and vans. It is known to suffer rare failures of the lay shaft, which fractures behind the centre plate, with loss of 5th and reverse gears.

You can use this chart to help diagnose faults  in your R380 gearbox.

These pictures were taken during one of the Range Rover Register training courses at the Land Rover Technical Academy. Dismantling of the gearbox is not difficult, although it may be necessary to burn out the locking compound around the roll pin in the gear lever end of the selector rod mechanism.

Before doing so, consult the proper workshop manual for your vehicle, where you will find important information, including torque settings and details of the special tools which are required.

This sectioned unit shows an
R380 five speed manual
gearbox mated to an
LT230 transfer box.

Sectioned R380 seen
from the right side
showing 1/2 and 3/4
gear selectors

Sectioned R380 seen
from the left side
5/R selector in silver part

The oblique pipe on the
left rear of the box is removed
to fit an oil cooler

This press is required to
remove and replace bearings and gears

These are all the bits which comprise the gear train, just got to put them back